Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: August 30, 2021

1 The Foreign Films A Photograph of You
2 Katy Rose Run In a Dream
3 Nick Piunti & the Complicated Men Heart Inside Your Head
4 Hayley & The Crushers She Drives
5 Paisley Black The Way I Feel/Show You Mine
6 The Furys Action Reaction
7 Willa Amai Fallout
8 Dave Molter It Will Always Be True
9 Dean Landew Cathi D'Silva/David's Ford
10 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
11 The Peppermint Kicks Johnny D's [Play It Again]/I Don’t Hear A Single
12 Velvet Starlings She Said (She Said)
13 Sack What a Way To Live
14 Keeley The Glitter And The Glue
15 Soda Blonde Small Talk
16 Sorrows It's Not Love Anymore
17 Bloomfield Machine MicroAggression
18 Youth Chairs Après Moi le Déluge
19 Josie Cotton Calling All Girls
20 Natalie Sweet Video Phone
21 The Faves Never Ending
22 Silvertwin You Only
23 Of The Sun and the Moon Everlasting War
24 David Nyro and the History of Light Dreams
25 The Exbats I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts
26 The Chelsea Curve Inconceivable/ Drag
27 The Boys I’m A Believer
28 Andersonlane Hitchhiker
29 The Junior League The Sunshine Saves Everyone
30 Bamil The Lighthouse Of Your Days
31 Marble Eyes Tollbooth 3
32 Sydney Irving Seasons Change
33 Colleen Green I Wanna Be a Dog
34 Harry Heart Urchins
35 Dallet Band 45 Song
36 The Scenic Route Don't Bite
37 Cousin George America
38 The Dead Daisies My Fate
39 Fox Violet Long Way Down
40 Raveis Kole True is Beautiful
41 Boxteles I’ll Never Name You
42 The Scaramanga Six Horse With No Face
43 Cheekbone In & Out
44 The Rolling Stones Honkey Tonk Woman
45 Sons Of The Flood Vague
46 Heather Whitney What Part of Life You Are
47 Ladylord We Da Illest
48 Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher There's Someone Trying To Get In
49 Dry Cleaning Strong Feelings
50 Tony Mac Bad Cop Good Cop
51 Memphis May Fire Death Inside
52 Ryan Sheridan Fine Wine
53 Jerry Lehane feat. Dicky Barrett Drinking Life
54 Danny Wilkerson Comes in Waves
55 Low Spirits Gonna Make You Cry
56 Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs Stand Up
57 The Courettes The Teens Are Square
58 French Girls No Morals
59 Cromm Fallon Two Stroke Smoke
60 The Breakers The Go Go's Back
61 The Chords UK One More Minute /Hey Kids! Come The Revolution
62 Sea Power Two Fingers
63 The Connells Really Great
64 Guy Paul Thibault Valley Bound
65 Emma Moore Match Made In Hell
66 Ambrose Children Of The Sun
67 Jessy Howe & Javier Vargas Song for Us
68 Jody and The Jerms Spinning
69 Destiny Band Oz & Tessa Libreri Show Pony
70 Shawn Adam Williams Redemption
71 Henry Salomon Music Eight Strangers
72 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
73 Sunshine Boys Work and Love
75 The Kecks Tonight Might Be Different
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