Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 19, 2021

1 Tamar Berk Shadow Clues/ Better off Meditating
2 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs One More Drink
3 The Armoires Great Distances
4 Murv Douglas Something Real / Bipolar
5 Pat McCurdy Don’t Let The Small Things Get You Down
6 Linnea's Garden Science and You
7 Grey DeLisle Tonight, You Belong To Me
8 Tombstones in Their Eyes Quarantine Blues
9 The Daylilies Stockholm Syndrome
10 Foreign Films The Fortune Teller (Pretty in the City)
11 Peyton Gilliland Empty
12 Justine & The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
13 Kid Gulliver Boy In a Bubble
14 Jesse Kovack, Nauseous Liu Kang
15 The Routes Broken Goods
16 Josie Cotton Rabbit Hole
17 Electric Children Elizabeth Le Fey Will Have Her Revenge
18 Japanese Breakfast Posing in Bondage
19 Black Honey Disinfect
20 WATTS Heavy Metal Kids
21 Daisy House Last Wave Home
22 Ambrose Big Time
23 Furrowed Brow Punctual Punk
24 John Salaway Weather The Storm
25 Eddie Mooney and the Grave Telephones
26 Food Fight Slo-Mo
27 Blind Perception In Too Deep
28 Us Paisley Underground
29 Gold Needles Dead Man's Hand/Susie Is Sorted
30 Mark Wesley Curran Wheel Of Fortune
31 The Ardents Wish
32 Stargazy Pie Going Under
33 Hook Best Days
34 The Hi-End Nervous Breakdown
35 Kimberly Smith Go Get It
36 Jane Birkin Nicotine
37 The Barbarellatones Barfing In Slow Motion
38 Xodus830 If U Dont Luv Me Now
39 WEEP Right Here Right Now
40 Magpie Sally Sally Got Laid
41 Sami Chohfi Tidal Wave
42 Lord Huron Mine Forever
43 The Rallies Brand New
44 PJ Bostic The Camera Lie
45 Th' Losin' Streaks Maybe I Will
46 Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive
47 Steve Aliment Up Until Now
48 Anna Watkins Anawalt. Shadows Cry For Me
49 Andrea Gillis Leave The Light On
50 Roseann Sureda Your Smile
51 Malou Beauvoir Kembem
52 The Phil Wilkinson Set Ol' Stinky
53 Bryan Haraway Boo Hoo Baby Bye Bye
54 Afternoon People Corner Of My Eye
55 Jim Basnight Living The Way I Want
56 The Forty Nineteens Tell Me
57 The Metal Byrds Spitfire Pete
58 Petty Booka Petty Booka Loo
59 Devil Love Better Better
60 Smash Fashion Bennie And The Jets
61 The Sherlocks End Of The Earth
62 Mark & The Clouds Blue Skies Opening
63 Star Collector Rip It Off
64 The Knocks All About You
65 Dirty Honey California Dreamin’
66 Corvus And The Morning Star Shipman Blues
67 The Shang Hi Los Stay
68 Bodoni Influencer Influenza
69 Gengahr Under The Skin
70 Emily Daniels Stained Glass
71 Richard Lynch When You Send An Angel a Letter
72 Curt Florczak Dead Letter Box
73 TolbertToz Somewhere In The Night
74 Yebba Studios, Jodie Poye Closest I've Been To Heaven
75 Rooftop Screamers Buckle Up (featuring Tim Smith)
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