Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 12, 2021

1 Bamil Afterlife/The Lonliest Road
2 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs One More Drink
3 The Chelsea Curve Girl Cavedog
4 The Nuclears I Just Wanna Have Nothing To Do
5 Pat McCurdy Don’t Let The Small Things Get You Down
6 The Weeklings April's Fool
7 Murv Douglas Something Real / Bipolar
8 The Legal Matters Please Make a Sound
9 The Tearaways Married And Single
10 Justine & The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
11 Kodey Brims Got Me Running
12 Daylilies Stockholm Syndrome
13 The Routes Broken Goods
14 Linnea's Garden Science and You
15 Pale Lips You’re a Doll
16 Fjaere Hey Dude
17 Billy Nomates Petrol Fumes
18 Kid Gulliver Boy In a Bubble
19 Petty Booka Petty Books Loo
20 The Blips Inside Out
21 BETHY How Are You?
22 Dave Revels Anytime You’re Close To Me
23 Autogramm Anxiety
24 Crystal Tides Last Time
25 Jesse Kovack, Nauseous Liu Kang
26 Wolves At The Gate Evil are The Kings
27 Star Collector Game Day
28 Strawman & The Jackdaws Knock On Wood
29 Grey DeLisle Tonight, You Belong To Me
30 Brad Marino Even The Score
31 Nervous SS Despair
32 Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets Down On Commonwealth1
33 Euphoria Station Content
34 Nez Tha Villian Denny World
35 Dubstar I Can See You Outside
36 West Wickhams Who's out there
37 1910 Fruitgum Company Shirley Applegate
38 Brand New Zeros Money Goes To Money
39 Plaid Brixx Addicted
40 Sami Chohfi Serenade the Darkness
41 Beachy Dead Destroy Us
42 Ween Tried And True
43 True Loves Yard Byrds
44 Kewpid Tunnel Of Love
46 Himmelstarr Rise Up
47 Jeremy Harry Harris Breathe
48 Kazoo Requiem
49 Hayley & The Crushers Jacaranda
50 The Armoires Great Distances/In Our Name
51 Gold Needles Dead Man's Hand
52 Johnny Jetson Rock n' Roll Girl
53 SUPER 8 Music All My Worries
54 THE SEE-SAW At Any Time
55 Act Of Denial Slave
56 Anna Wells My Own Way
57 Liam Reilly & Bagatella That Summer Song
58 Battering Ram Down
59 The Beatflux The End
60 Grand Theft Audio Ruin Your Youth
61 Emiko Last Hurrah
62 Malou Beauvoir KEMBEM
63 Kill My Coquette Cage
64 Daisy House Last Wave Home
65 Mark Wesley Curran Wheel Of Fortune
66 The Speedways Number Seven
67 Ken Sharp Something´s Happening
68 Tamar Berk Shadow Clues
69 Josie Cotton The Way You Rock
70 Marc Platt Trying To Survive
71 Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal The Night
72 Juniper Punk Rock Boy
73 Love Child With These Hands
74 Rooftop Screamers Buckle Up
75 Caper Clowns April Fool
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