Top 75 Songs – Week: September 21, 2020

1 The Foreign Films Ocean Moon
2 The Tearaways Saturday Everyday/Charlie, Keith and Ringo
3 The Waterboys My Wanderings In The Weary Land
4 The Bookends Mr. Know It All/Face The Facts
5 Kid Gulliver Carousel
6 Whistlestop Rock Queen of The Drive-In
7 Tucker Lane Paper Wings/Don't Get Me Wrong
8 Stop Calling Me Frank King Tuts Tomb
9 TJ Doyle Are You Listening
10 Caper Clowns Pineapple Songs
11 Rooftop Screamers The Ladder
12 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Gonna Be Good
13 Youth Chairs A Million Pieces of Glass
14 Freddie Dilevi Johnny Remember Me
15 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
16 Michael Valentine Believe
17 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
18 Sleez Sisters No Way
19 Chris Gardner Down the Road
20 Temples Paraphernalia
22 Drew Neely & the Heroes Annie
23 Gabriel Marvin Quickie
24 Xodus830 feat. Lil Space 848
25 James Williamson & Deniz Tek Jet Pack Nightmare
26 The Cool Greenhouse Alexa!
27 Janice Bodewes Wings
28 Diamonds and Guns The Lonesome Man
29 A N I M A Ancestress
30 White Collar Sideshow Bring Out Your Dead
31 ME AND THE REST Clockmaster
32 Corners of Sanctuary Into The Fight
33 Jay Allen & The Archcriminals Grew Some Stones
34 Leaving Lennox Not Ready
35 Smokin' Sam Babin Zombie Buddy Holly
36 Milky Chance Don't Let Me Down
37 Tommy James Crimson & Clover
38 Sam Bartells Sign
39 The Bushwick Alliance Body Music [Elai Tubo Mix]
40 Raveis Kole Music Angel From Montgomery
41 Sentient Robot From The Outset (Your Own Way)
42 South of Summer Lost In December
43 Cliff Wheeler Band Sunshine
44 Sunshine Boys Work and Love
45 Lights That Change In My Dreams
46 Sinclair Burn Em Down
47 The Great Leslie Money
48 Jordan Red Don't Let The Heavens Fall
49 Highfront For This Life I Pay
50 Tammy Wynette Apartment #9
51 Vintage Crop Just My Luck
52 Vix 20 Try Again
53 Bamil Inferno
54 Luna Kiss Hart
55 Jenna Parr Those Eyes
56 Rob Bonfiglio Text me
57 Kay Cook-Abbott Born To Sing
58 Ambrose White Pony
59 The Slow Readers Club Yet Again
60 Rangsteen Rock n Roll Music
61 James Ethington III Becca
62 Buzz Cason and Sons Montana
63 Ray Powers It’s You
64 The Yum Yums She's Got Everything
65 Oliver Sean w RIP Yeah Whatever
66 Kelly Muff New Trash
67 Christopher Cross Sailing
69 Billy Bragg The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
70 Django Django Spirals
71 Faith Bardill Carolina Rain
72 True North Summertown
73 Future Islands For Sure
74 Jeff Kossack Resurrection
75 The Let's Go's Too Much Moon
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