Top 75 Songs – Week: October 26, 2020

1 The Midnight Callers 41 Miles to Roscoe/Hipster Girl
2 Marvin Etzioni God Bless The Homeless
3 THE ROCKYTS All Of The Time
4 The Lemon Drop Gang Georgie
5 The Shang Hi Los Sway Little PLayer
6 Kimm Rogers Lie
7 Velvet Starlings Kids In Droves
8 Malou Beauvoir Higher Love
9 Sleez Sisters No Way
10 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
11 Bad Mary Space Girl
12 Dolph Chaney Rebuilding Permit
13 Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis Your Face Is Weird
14 Caper Clowns The Club Of Humanity
15 UltrasoundNYC You Should Be Dancing
16 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
17 Bamil Protocols
18 Shirley Ann Lee There’s A Light
19 The Bookends Face The Facts/Mr. Know It All
20 Geary Nelson Stand With God
21 Indigo Riot Weatherland
22 Tearaways Charlie, Keith & Ringo
23 Big Tank D Wanna Win
24 The Neighbourhood Lost in Transition
25 Jeff Scott Soto Love’s Blind
26 Indie Butterflies Dream Thinking of You
28 Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts Unavailable
29 The Banshees Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo
30 Saving Jackie My Faith Is Larger
31 Just A Jester Painted Lady
32 SKYFEVER Americana Fame
33 Bought It For The Bottle Statues
34 Mike Dillon Rhumba for Peregrine
35 Gail George Blue
36 The Battery Farm Maggot Line
37 Buzz Cason & Sons Why
38 Dickie Goodman Frankenstein Meets The Beatles
39 Pryor & Lee Y'Allsome
40 Daz Cadwallander Copycat
41 Jam Seven
42 Seven and Counting That's The Way (I Feel About You)
43 Memory of a Melody Mary Go Round
44 Kyle & The Pity Party Hannah Is A Palindrome
45 Grandpa Boy MLPS * Dead Man Shake
46 Kid Gulliver Carousel
47 James Gordon Candlelight
48 Jerry Willis Always One
49 Skylights Darkness Falls
50 Sam'n'Dave DragonflyWill Downing Right Where You Are
51 Maggie Pullit Headboard
52 Beatles Yesterday
53 SVIband Levitation
54 Natalie Sweet Gimme Good Love
55 Stryper Do Onto
56 Kelly Muff Tokyo Bay
57 B Rocking 10 On My Way
58 The Luxembourg Signal The Long Now
59 Black Pumas I'm Ready
60 The Replacements Waitress In The Sky
61 The Nerves When You Find Out
62 Alternative Radio My Girlfriend Is A Communist
63 Stepford Wives Living In The Shadows
64 Day Wave Starting Again
65 Abi Mia Fly Your Way
66 Kaleiders Alright
67 J Edwards Another Cold Shoulder
68 Black Whiskey Wild & Free
69 Juliper Sky Into The Outer Light
70 Ambrose Back For More
71 Lucie Lynch Yes I Can
72 Justine and The Unclean Fourth Love
73 Rooftop Screamers The Ladder
74 Flat River Band Devil On The Side
75 Dave Molter (ReallyNothin’New) Under The Sun
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