Top 75 Songs – Week: November 16, 2020

1 Kid Gulliver Forget About Him
2 The Midnight Callers 41 Miles to Roscoe/Hipster Girl
3 Cousin George Gimme a Kiss
4 Dolph Chaney Rebuilding Permit
5 The Neighborhoods Half Life
6 Schenk Tax Evasion
7 Kelly Muff Tokyo Bay
8 Alice Kat Look Back With Love
9 Natalie Sweet Another Bottle of Wine
10 The Damned The Spider & The Fly
11 SVIband KIss of Death/Levitation
12 Grey DeLisle Oh Holy Night
13 The Fleshtones Alex Trebek
14 THE SZUTERS I Don´t Wanna Cry
15 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
16 Joslyn Plant Elevating
17 Dois Padres The Hustle
18 Kissy Ever Enough
19 Allyson Seconds and Anton Barbeau Octagon
20 The Shang Hi Los Sway Little Player
21 Jonny Taylor Walk Along The River
22 Dayglow Can I Call You Tonight?
23 Jim Morrison, The Doors The Ghost Song
24 Polyrhythmics Cosimo
25 Marie Johns Future Sadness
26 The Clockworks Enough Is Never Enough
27 Orbis Max 2.0 & Emperor Penguin Talk To Me
28 Amongst Liars Mind
29 Dancing with Ghosts Obsidian Blood
30 Four Crooks Black Magic
31 Beyond The Grey You’ve Got Another Thing Comin
32 Ghosts of Sunset Never Goodbye
34 Justine and The Unclean Fourth Love
35 Geoffrey Raines Our Best Days
36 The 1981 Movies
37 The Monkees A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
38 Antagonizers ATL Featuring Matt Henson Of Noi!se Black Clouds
39 H Star Speaking Up
40 HIGHFRONT Through Pain We Dine
41 Blendjazz [Never Can Tell] Just Feel
42 JD Kline Vices
43 The Chats AC/DC CD
44 Passenger A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted
45 Velvet Starlings Kids In Droves
46 Deborah Silver I Got Rhythm
47 Chaotic Resemblance Unto The Lamb
48 Wolforna In His Dreams
49 The Foreign Films Ocean Moon
50 The Lighthouse And The Whaler California Sun
51 Terry Mackner Let’s Be Lazy
52 Farrington Switchblade Symphony
53 Big Tank D Wanna Win
54 Ray Powers Saved
55 Garden Party In The Middle
56 THE ROCKYTS Run, Run, Run
57 The Dead Freights Stray Dogs
58 Orion Arm Cable
59 Genya Ravan The Knight Ain’t Long Enough
60 Lucie,Too Heart Wave
61 Sleez Sisters No Way
62 The Walk Offs Gotta Get Up
63 WEEP Right Here Right Now
64 The Avalanches Music Makes Me High
65 Foxglove Bright Lights
66 Youth Chairs Beg
67 Marvin Etzioni Here Comes America
68 Because Villains Goodbye
69 Ryan Lunn Embers
70 Kings and Associates Red Dress
71 Jake Aldridge King Of The World
72 Jody & The Jerms Belong
73 Tofteberg Hot Pursuit
74 Byebyefish Claustrophobia
75 Malcura Captain Snus

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