Top 75 Songs – Week: January 4, 2021

1 Dave Molter It Was You/Mid-Century Man
2 Pat McCurdy Now Is Not The Time For Sad Songs
3 Stupidity Save Me
4 Beebe Gallini Dusty
5 Marvin Etzioni Love Letter To Democracy
6 Kelly Muff Dessert Echo
7 The Shang Hi Los Skipping Records/Sway Little Player
8 Heatwaves In My Teens
9 Ray Powers Christmas Miracle
10 BUZZED & LOADED At Your Door
11 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me/Running Away
12 Sakuran Zensen Taximan
13 Stuart Pearson Rise and Fall
14 DILLON Cold
15 The Va Va VooDoos Liar Liar
16 Ambrose Justified/Carry On
17 Baywud Walk Alone
18 Bantunani Casablanca
19 Sunday Hats Raindrops
20 Sonic Blast Quest for Camelot
21 Bamil How Love Must Be
22 Rebecca Lappa Christmas Is Better With You
23 Cej Honey On The Mind
24 The Voice of Lajorun We Are Anagos
25 Van Go Go Big Mistake
26 The Van Allen Belt Lucky After Dark
27 David Lynch, Alan R. Splet, Peter Ivers In Heaven
28 Chaotic Resemblance Unto The Lamb
29 Josie & the Pussycats Stop, Look & Listen
30 The Churchhill Garden Reality
31 The Rolling Stones Heaven
32 Marquis Drive Spaceman
33 The Skinner Brothers Low
34 Nick Piunti Upper Hand
35 Titty Twister Kimino Tokomade
36 Healthy Junkies Tricky Situation
37 The Tearaways Charlie Keith and Ringo
38 Velvet Starlings Karmic Lemonade
39 Watts Seventeen
40 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
41 Frankenfido Watcher on the Wall
42 As We Are Paralyzed
43 The Winters Our Song
44 Groovy Uncle She'll Never Be Mine
45 The Foreign Films Pinball Kid
46 Jerry Straker Come Walking In The Snow With Me
47 Feed Your Wolves Stars
48 Black Paisley Save The Best
49 Vocal Freda Jesus I Worship You
50 The Steve Larkin Project This Long Path I Walk
51 Marcus Reza Rings Of Saturn
52 Whistlestop Rock Queen of the Drive In
53 New Yeller Why Did She Dump Me In Shibuya?
54 Mo Dalis Music Ode to Uncle Bob
55 Steve Newsome Cold Beer Communion
56 The Moods Ft Yoko Pwno Blessings
57 Greg Copeland Lou Reed
58 Salarymen Something To Me
59 Hayley McKay Breathe
60 The Handcuffs Love Me While You Can
61 Dolph Chaney Rebuilding Permit
62 Ambrose Carry On
63 Forty Nineteens Go Little GTO
64 THE LET'S GO’s Heibon Cherry
65 The Heartdrops East Side Drive
66 The Neighborhoods Half Life
67 Midnight Callers 41 Miles to Roscoe
68 Papa John No Reason
69 Tori Alice Young Forever
70 Justine and The Unclean Fourth Love / Picking A Fight
71 The Tilt Holy Ground
72 Classic Ruins Forget About It
73 The Clockworks Enough is Never Enough
74 Attic Theory Cold Heart Reality
75 Chicago Guests & Friends There is no Greater Sin
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