Top 75 Songs – Week: December 14, 2020

1 Pat McCurdy Now Is Not The Time For Sad Songs:
2 State of The Union Small Town Hero
3 Simone Berk & Jerry Lehane An Irishman for Christmas
4 Chicago Friends & Guests There Is No Greater Sin/I Could See Me Dancing With You
5 Thee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem
6 Heatwaves In My Teens
7 Kelly Muff Dessert Echo
8 Cousin George Do 4 Love
9 Billie Eilish Therefore I Am
10 A Bunch of Jerks The Dead
11 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
12 Danny Wilkerson and Lannie Flowers w/ Orbis Max Talk To Me/One Of A Kind
13 AXIS Five Fly
14 Empresses Empress
15 Alchemy3 Ride Us Through The Storm
16 Ambrose Justified
17 Pixies Hear Me Out
18 The Yellow Melodies Drive
19 Baywud Where Was I Then
20 Analog Son Ugly Mug
21 Hotspring Crime Movie
22 Harold Budd (rip) Bismillahi ‘Rahmani ‘Rahm
23 The Dead Freights Fever and the Thunder
24 Barbara Black Vampire Love, Chapter I: You Belong To
25 As December Falls Afterglow
26 Papa John No Reason
27 The Churchhill Garden Reality
28 The Reds, Pinks & Purples You Might Be Happy
29 The Cufflinks Tracy
30 Ray Powers Saved
31 Dead Cherry C.R.E.E.P.
32 Guy Paul Thibault Like You Did
33 Buzzed & Loaded At Your Door
34 Wonk Unit Strength
35 Love and Death Down
36 Eddie Arcuri Jr Cowboy Hollywood
37 Sudler's Row Anitra's Dans
38 The Lady Anonymous Vile Beast
39 Magpie Sally Downtown Sally
40 The Foreign Films Pinball Kid/Stars In Her Eyes
41 The Reducers Janie Jones "Live"
42 The Lutras Give it all up for Christmas
43 Wolves Among Us Buy Support
44 John E. Ross Lord Give Me Another Chance
45 Steve Newsome Cold Beer Communion
47 Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Five Dollars
48 Farrington Saturday In Nowhereland
49 Kid Gulliver Forget About Him
50 The Neighborhoods Half Life
51 Dave Caruso I Won't Wait for You
52 Semisonic Basement Tapes
53 Annemarie Picerno Mr. Santa
54 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
55 John Lathrop-The Stan Laurels Florida Man
56 Marc PLatt The Devil's Game
57 Schenk Tax Evasion
58 JJ Wilde Best Boy
59 Glencoe Ours
60 Victoria Eman Green Grass Johnny
61 Ulon Tasukete
62 The Voice of Lajorun Love Reference
63 The Yes It Is! The Night I Heard A Scream
64 Lisa Mychols & Super 8 Red Bird
65 Hightown Pirates Jet Girl
66 Remington Super 60 I won't Change Your Mind
67 Sourdough Midnight Man
68 Natalie Sweet Another Bottle of Wine
69 Girls on The Road He Paints Cats
70 Justine’s Black Threads Angels We Have Heard On High
71 Rebecca Lappa Lady Godiva
72 Yard Of Blondes Lowland
73 The Chats AC-DC CD
74 Jenna Parr Mary Did You
75 Thyla Fade
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