Top 40 Songs – Week: September 24, 2018

1 MAWD Wandering Eye/Dark Room
2 Nick Piunti You Invented Hell
3 CJ Teffner w Robyn Cage Crazy Train/Find The Magic
4 Van Go I Wish I Could Be Grateful
5 Velvet Starlings Sold Down The River/If Life Ain't Getting You High
6 Justin Werner If You Wanna Survive/So Stuck On You
7 The Tearaways Anticipointment/Worst Wife Ever
8 Extra Arms Why I Run
9 Miami Dan & the Hayes Street Band Broken Shells
10 Bounty Hunters Rise
11 Lisa Coppola Stuck to My Shoe
13 Shanghai Blues Lies
14 Das Plastixx Don’t Be Surprised
15 Soraia Still I Rise
16 Palmyra Delran and the Doppel Gang Come Spy With Me (featuring Little Steven, Debbie Harry, John Carlucci)
17 Jeff Kossack Today
18 Sharp Violet These are the Rules Boys
19 Furious Seasons Expo Line
20 Starbenders 21st Century Orphan
21 TJ Doyle We Are Here
22 Malou Rasenbleman
23 Taylor Barton Chaos
24 Command Z Makin It Up
25 Lisa Richard Uniforms
26 Saffire Fortress
27 Out of Time Time
28 Lowell Hopper Delayed Reaction
29 In Deed Don't Need, Don't Care
30 Manilyn Obal Save You One More Time
31 Renato Telles Sbeghen Your Watch Still Working
32 Screaming in silence Time to Bleed
33 Livingmore It’s All Happening
34 Dylan leBlanc Cautionary Tale
35 Livingmore It’s All Happening
36 Sheild Of Faith Testify
37 Michael McDonald Sweet Freedom
38 Mike + The Mechanics Silent Running
39 Ken Sharp Lemons To Lemonade
40 honeychain 289
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