Top 40 Songs – Week: September 10, 2018

1 Velvet Starlings Sold Down The River/If Life Ain't Getting You High
2 Justin Werner Dream Like You Live
3 Extra Arms Til The Casket Drops
4 Jeff Kossack Today
5 Nick Piunti Keep Me Guessing
6 TJ Doyle We Are Here
7 Furious Seasons Expo Line
8 Cheryl Nye I Surrender To My Heart
9 The Tearways Little Bit Of Love
10 Malou Rasenbleman
11 Taylor Barton Chaos
12 The 1984 Draft Honest
13 Soraia Still I Rise
14 Van Go Live Through This
15 The Joeys Planet Z
16 Poetry Thieves Wings of My Soul
17 Excorde Star-Crossed
18 VEER Make You
20 Fulcos Tell Me
21 CJ Teffner w Robyn Cage Crazy Train/Stars
22 The Winachi Tribe feat. The Singularity Transition
23 Sheild Of Faith Testify
24 Project Renegade Pressure
25 Renato Telles Sbeghen Capim Fino
26 Arisara Time's Up
27 Starbenders 21st Century Orphan
28 Billy Joel Longest Time
29 Guy Paul Thibault Day Drinking
30 Livingmore It’s All Happening
31 Justine and The Unclean Be Your Own Reason
32 Bounty Hunters Rise
33 TV Party You're a Liar
34 Templeton Universe Anticipation Frustration
35 Fire Fight Weight of the World
36 Sonic Aftermath Let It Loose
37 Rina Givens MELODIES
38 Ivory Tower Project Ring Around Rosie
39 Miami Dan & the Hayes Street Band Broken Shells
40 DarkMatta Do You Know
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