Top 40 Songs – Week: September 4, 2017

1 Somerdale The News/Broken English
2 CT Swan Some Day
3 The Tearaways Rodney's Getting Sirius
4 Stone Foundation Simplify the Situation
5 Thrift Store Halo I'm Not Through/(Love by) Misadventure
6 Ayala (ft. Horcio Palencia) Never Give Up
7 Nick Heyward Perfect Sunday Sun
8 Amyl and the Sniffers I'm Not A loser
10 Jeff Kossack/Syd Straw So Little Time
11 Bottomfeeders Rare Appeal
12 Second Echo Innocent
13 Bond Twins Pool Boy
14 Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam Did I Forget
15 Guy Paul Thibault Saturday Night
16 Game Theory Between The Bottles
17 Audra Mclaughlin Boomerang
18 Raveis Kole Dawn Breaks Through
19 Stage 11 Broken
20 B.J. Young Just Like The Weather
21 Mystique You Said
22 Maureen & The Mercury 5 The Keepin' Kind/Shoot Me Cupid
23 Refracted Memories Visions of Nineveh
24 Doxy Let Me In
25 A Band Called Jack Changes
26 The Get Right Band Satisfied Man
27 Cosmo Topper Green Tea Party
28 Young Presidents Smile/Freedom Of Speech
29 BK Gray Annabelle Live
30 Ophis Suffering Is A Virtue
31 Jeff Kossack No Life After You
32 honeychain There Goes That Girl Again
33 Kris Schulz A Smile From India
34 Mack Meadows Smilin' In the Islands
35 Country Lou Watson When Your Heart Tells You
36 Magic Hat Carry On
37 World 5 I Won’t Let You Down
38 Mark Glazier Sweet Cheri
39 Daisy House Crossroads
40 Touts Sold Out
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