Top 40 Songs – Week: October 8, 2018

1 Athanor Now I Know
2 Van Go I Wish I Could Be Grateful
3 Raveis Kole Wicked Game (Featuring Eljai)
4 Miss World Put Me in a Movie
5 Velvet Starlings Sold Down The River/If Life Ain't Getting You High
6 Justin Werner So Stuck On You
7 TJ Doyle On The Horizon
8 The Colour Coast Meet Me In The Morning
9 Amilia K Spicer Harlan
10 Gary Douglas Band Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
11 Nick Piunti You Invented Hell
12 The Tearaways Little Bit of Love
13 Jerry Hull The Witching Hour
14 Jeff Kossack Today
15 Caper Clowns Paper Trail
16 Matt Truman Ego Trip Bad News
17 LION'S SHARE The Lion's Trial
18 Starbenders 21st Century Orphan
19 Daisy House Persephone
20 Trauma Lips The Sign
21 Lisa Richard Uniforms
22 Malou Rasenbleman
23 Jerad Finck New Kids SEAWAVES
24 CJ Teffner w Robyn Cage Crazy Train/Find The Magic
25 MAWD Wandering Eye/Dark Room
26 Livingmore It’s All Happening
27 Dana Countryman & Scott McPherson You're Still Number One
28 Marc Platt Win Or Lose
29 Palmyra Delran and the Doppel Gang Come Spy With Me (featuring Little Steven, Debbie Harry, John Carlucci)
30 Albert Hammond Jr Far Away Truths
31 The 1984 Draft Honest
32 Kings and Bears 2 3 4 5
33 Enabling Cain Empty Shell
34 Sheild Of Faith Testify
35 Furies Weer Gonna Have Some Fun
36 honeychain Than You
37 Ohio Revival My Way
38 Alyssa Elaine Notice Me
39 Madonna Borderline
40 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
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