Top 40 Songs – Week: October 29, 2018

1 Vegas With Randolph She's an Intellectual
2 Van Go Miles Away/Schrodinger's Cat
3 The Tearaways What a Jerk/Anticipointment
4 The Grip Weeds Mr. Nervous/Vibrabtionsr. Nervous/Vibrabtions
5 Lisa Richard Uniforms
6 Starbenders Closer Than Most/21st Century Orphan
7 Dot Dash Fast Parade
8 Jeff Kossack Original Sinner
9 TJ Doyle On The Horizon
10 Velvet Starlings Borrowed Time/If Life Ain't Getting You High
11 Justine and The Unclean This System Is Set To Self Destruct
12 Don Mescall Love Me Right Now
13 Athanor Now I Know
14 Beeramid Scheme Fuck the FCC
15 Justin Werner So Stuck On You
16 Jerry Hull Shreeking Green
17 CJ Teffner w Robyn Cage Crazy Train/Find The Magic
18 The Bookends Only Time Will Tell
19 Nick Piunti You Invented Hell
20 Julia Othmer Purple and Gray
21 The Luka State Kick In The Teeth
22 Saffire Where the Monsters Dwell
23 Gary Douglas Band Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
24 Jazz In Pink BACK & FORTH
25 Raveis Kole Wicked Game (Featuring Eljai)
26 Checkpoint Charley Wake Up Crew
27 Inbal Paz Hear My Echo
28 Richard Riley Shut up my Dear
29 The Colour Coast Walls
30 Madonna Holiday
31 Genuine Fakes Even With You
32 The Cherry Bluestorms Rays Of the Sun
33 REBECBY1140 Better Off Alone
34 Ruler Jeannie Jeannie Jeanie
35 Taxi Joe Pain
36 Alyssa Elaine Notice Me
37 Suspence Too Far Gone
38 Annie Rost Wrong Kinda Love
39 Camera Patrouille
40 Gun Runners Brothers