Top 40 Songs – Week: November 4, 2019

1 Indonesian Junk Mean Christine/City Lights
2 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men All This Time
3 Dave Molter Tell Me That You Love Me
4 Bamil If I Could Change The World
5 Josie Cotton The Night Before
6 X Delta 88 Nightmare
7 The Muffs No Holiday/Down Down Down
8 Acid Get Down/Never On My Mind
9 Youth Chairs Santa's On Vacation/I Want You Different
10 Dogmatics She's The One/I Love Rock and Roll
11 The Tearaways Manchester Girl
12 Nick Eng Reminiscing
13 Justine and The Unclean Be Your Own Reason
14 Yipes Miss Doom and Gloom
15 Johnathan Pushkar Isabella/The Girl Next Door
16 Ray Powers Bad Blood
17 45 Rally Bigly
18 The Bookends Sing This Song
19 The Born Readies Automatic
20 Specific Moments Fly Me Away
21 The Coolies Uh Oh
22 The Unlikely Candidates Novocaine
23 The Seven and Six Monster Shindig
24 Misty's Big Adventure I Can't Bring The Time Back
25 The Decibels This Bad Dream
26 Love N Revenge All 4 U
27 The Young Presidents Sailing
28 LC Grey Part of Me
29 Seventh Freedom Check
30 Tyrie Thomas Running To You
31 Becoming Ashes The Hardest Part
32 Cherry Lotus See You Smile
33 The Detroit Cobras Leave My Kittens Alone
34 Wilfred Felix Lift My Hands
35 Pompadour Point Blank
36 The Opel Archive The Witch
37 Owen Denvir The Lie That You Think I Am
38 Gypsies On The Autobahn Rubicon
39 TJ Doyle Ancient Wind
40 Charlie Knowles Gutter
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