Top 40 Songs – Week: November 25, 2019

1 The Grip Weeds Infinite Soul/Astral Man
2 Athanor Approximately Eternity
3 Yipes Miss Doom and Gloom/Blink of an Eye
4 Johnathan Pushkar We Could Be Together
5 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men All This Time
6 Highmartz Hey Boy
7 Kurt Baker Can't Go Back
8 The Floor Models (Steve Simels) Letter From Liverpool
9 Raveis Kole Thanksgiving
10 Tom Baker Weird Romance
11 Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin on Guitar Dance Adriane Dance
12 Beautiful Dudes Radio
13 Ray Powers Bad Blood
14 The Real Impossibles All Over This World
15 Bamil If I Could Change The World
16 The Dogmatics She's The One
17 Justine and The Unclean Be Your Own Reason
18 The Young Presidents Sailing/In My Arms
19 TJ Doyle Change/Men Need Love
20 The Syracuse Penetrators Time Is Mine
21 The Opel Archive The Witch
22 LC Grey Part Of Me
23 Tarryn Rose Visuals I'm Found In You
24 The Carvels NYC Late Night Heart
25 Tyrie Thomas Running To You
26 Love N Revenge All 4 U
27 Guided By Voices Street Party
28 Youth Chairs Santa's On Vacation/I Want You Different
29 Tate Chasers Losing Our Minds
30 Crystal Tides Deserter
31 Nick Eng Reminiscing
32 Sister Salvation My Mind
33 Luigi Petruzzi La Playa Del Sol
34 Kevin Taylor Olive Tree
35 Kobra and The Lotus Get The F*ck Out of Here
36 Corridor Pow
37 More Kicks I'm On The Brink
38 Iguana Death Cult Spasms
39 Private Function Talking To Myself
40 Naomi Adriaansz Bye For Now
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