Top 40 Songs – Week: November 19, 2018

1 Karma Dealers Malibu Dark Sky
2 Daisy House Persephone
3 Ayala La Luna
4 Tremendous Rock n’ Roll Satellite
5 Van Go Grim Life
6 Justine and The Unclean This System Is Set To Self Destruct
7 The Tearaways Stuff Your Stocking/What A Jerk
8 CJ Teffner with Robyn Cage Crazy Train
9 Ken Sharp Lemons to Lemonade
10 Malou Bevoir Kouzen
11 Sisteray Rumour Mill
12 Seven Thorns Evil Within
13 Sombre Moon Numb
14 TJ Doyle On The Horizon
15 Geary Nelson Walk Walk
16 The Grip Weeds Vibrations
17 Jerry Hull Novembers Snow
18 The Professionals Good Man Down
19 Millie Courtney The Way You Look at Her/Mull of Kintyre
20 Raveis Kole Thanksgiving (Feel Like Home)
21 Redneck Roughneck What You Mean To Me
22 Jeff Kossack Why You Wanna Make Me Mad
23 Kai Danzberg & Lisa Mychols Let Me Know
24 Soraia Trash
25 The Cynz Tattooed Heart
26 The Garage Flowers Hello Tango
27 Athanor Now I Know
28 Lazyrevs Send Me A Boat
29 The Wrecking Two West Coast City
30 Muck and The Mires Too Soon to Fall in Love
31 Love The Hate Burn
32 Divine Weeks Fight For Love
33 Taylor Barton House of Lights
34 Dorie Pride Plastic People
35 Velvet Starlings If Life Ain't Getting You High
36 Nick Piunti You Invented Hell
37 Justin Werner So Stuck On You
38 Julia Othmer Purple & Gray
39 Richard Riley Shut up my Dear
40 Palmyra Delran and The Doppel Gang (If You’d Like To Make A Call) Please Hang Up
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