Top 40 Songs – Week: March 26, 2018

1 The Tearaways I Could Love You Forever/It's For Her
2 Cambodian Space Project The Passenger
3 Daisy House Let's Do It Again/Open Your Eyes
4 Thee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem
5 Jeff Kossack Clockwise
6 Reckless Drifters Baby We're In Love
7 TJ Doyle One True Thing
8 Sunshine Boys Billy Boy
9 Angie Aparo Bicycle Kings
10 Helen Rose Oh Glory Be/Love and Whiskey
11 Beltur Finishing Line
12 The Weeklings In The Moment
13 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
14 Molly Hanmer Come Back/Dead Happy
15 Young Presidents The One You Love
16 The Red Button Behind a Rainbow
17 CJ Teffner Find The Magic
18 JENNA Nation Can't Get Over You
19 Art Podell Blame it On the Russians
20 Thrift Store Halo Concrete Sky
21 Brad Marino C'Mon C'Mon C'Mon
22 Caper Clowns The Way I Dream
23 Stufft Crust Italian Jeans
24 The Dollyrots Ruby Soho
25 Colossal Street Jam Mama
26 Trapline First Time
27 Us and Them From the Corner of My Eye
28 Peter Ngqibs Over Again
29 The Screens Jennifer Jones
30 Mogli Road Holes
31 The Gunboat Diplomats Manifest Destiny
32 Vinny Peculiar Singing Schoolteacher
33 Bobby Johnson/Donna Carrol No One Like You
34 Dangerous Days Iron Wizard
35 Zero Theorem Area
36 Marc White Rise
37 The Routes Meant To Be
38 Albert Hammond Jr. Far Away Truths
39 Annemarie Picerno Closer
40 Lazarus Rock n' Roll Heart
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