Top 40 Songs – Week: March 2, 2020

1 Stuart Pearson Rise and Fall/I Spoke To The Devil About You
2 Johnny Jetson Knocked Out/Love Me For My Car
3 The Empty Hearts Remember Days Like These (ft. Ringo Starr)
4 Dave Molter Oh Woman Don't You Cry/ Foolish Heart
5 The Boomtown Rats Trash Glam Baby
6 Spanking Charlene Find Me Out
7 Real Impossibles Cherry Cherry
8 Sunshine Boys Infinity Girl
9 Forrest Colorado
10 Creem Circus Rock n Roll Party
11 Starbenders Can’t Cheat Time
12 Feed Your Wolves America
13 Raveis Kole Shallow
14 Alanis Morissette Reasons I Drink
15 The Forty Nineteens Tell Me
16 Smoke Fairies Disconnected
17 The Young Presidents Pulling Me In
18 Camens Handbreak
19 Bamil The Loneliest Road
20 Tim Sheppard Cappuccino and Champagne
21 The Floor Models Free Advice
22 Rusty Shipp Breaking Waves
23 The Darkstar Calling Shadow Of Your Love
24 The Counteracts A Place In My Heart
25 Dave Berkham Colors
26 The Glycereens What She Said
27 GULAG BEACH Thing Called Love
28 Shanta Smith Church Dance
29 3 Nail Life Dead No More
30 Hollowed Sky Baltimore
31 Walking In Circles Band Song Of The Rages
32 Afternoon People December
33 The Decibels Big Hits
34 Metalite Far From The Sanctuary
35 Builder Of The House There Is No Hourglass, Only Sane
36 Tokyo Lungs I'm Weak
37 Pompadour Veronica
38 Kiziah & The Kings Ain’t No Breaking Me
39 Ashley Scott Dance The Night Away
40 The Slow Readers Club Jericho
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