Top 40 Songs – Week: March 18, 2019

1 Julia Othmer Hungry Days (Make Me Feel)
2 The Tearaways The Wrecking Crew/I'll See You Again (GezaX mix)
3 Caloy To Be Young
4 The Let’s Go’s Heibon Cherry
5 The Weeklings (with Peter Noone) Friday On My Mind
6 Jeff Kossack The Man I Grew To Be
7 Van Go Everyone Loves You When You're Gone
8 Veer Make You
9 Youth Chairs Your Perfect World/New York Gray
10 The Weadon Boys High and Low
11 Yipes! Blink of an Eye
12 Troyen Lady Evil
13 The Abjects Never Give Up/Awake
14 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
15 The Forevers Frederique
16 Ayala (with Horacio Palencia & Chacal) Que Quieres De Mi
17 Naomi Adriaansz Soul Smile
18 Raw Terra Suicide Lincoln
19 The Spring Truth And Desire
20 David Mead Nashville
21 Malou Beauvoir There’s a Man
22 Andras Jones Spin The Bottle
23 Orbis Max Pieces Of Love
24 Cameron Sanderson Hold
25 The Gallery Pesticide
26 Bobby Long Nautical
27 Neil Brannigan Tyrrell Frozen Blood
28 Bad Analogy He Growls
29 Scorpions Soul Behind The Face
30 Voice for Change Community Chorus Voice for Change
31 The Mayan Factor Hope
32 Darksoft I Love You
33 Gretchen's Wheel Clear Eye, Clouded Mind
34 Dan Vapid and The Cheats The Time We Get
35 TJ Doyle Hearts Eyes
36 Scones Big Blue Planet
37 Your Life & Mine Better End The Heartbreak
38 BROOKES Constellations Of You
39 Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs Anytown
40 Mightier Than Me Big As Life
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