Top 40 Songs – Week: June 24, 2019

1 The Gold Needles Sunset Girl
2 The Tearaways Sweet Sounds of Summer
3 The Weeklings I Want You Again
4 Jim Gaff Redneck and Living Proof
5 Lacy J Dalton Scarecrow
7 TJ Doyle Lullaby
8 The Forevers Big Wave
9 Jeff Kossack That God Damn Rock n Roll
10 Richard Turgeon Beware of God/Bigfoot's an Alien
11 Seraphic Eyes Infinite Streets
12 Van Go Live Through This
13 The Stan Laurels Maximum Zen
14 Stays In Vegas Lower I Go
15 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
16 Justine and The Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby/Monosyllabic Man
17 Yipes! Started Out With A Bang/Blink Of An Eye
18 Dillan Cate There For You
19 Anton Scholl & Friends Lazy
20 The Floor Models You Can’t Tell Me Anything
21 Brother Oliver Blinded
22 Naipia Warning Signs
23 Carrie Martin Maria in the Moon
24 Fluffer Again
25 Euringer Fuck Everything
26 Mind Of Fury Let Me Fly
27 Jenna Nation Givin’ U Up
28 Go Dog Go We Threw It All Away
29 Koburg Karma Is A B***h
30 Pezband African Night
31 The Heartland Collective I Just Don’t Know
32 d'Z ft Freddi Lubitz Conviction
33 Will Donato INFINITE SOUL
34 Lenny Bull Somebody's Girl
35 Gyasi All Messed Up
36 Dad Brains Fathers Day
37 The Rolling Stones Paint It, Black
38 Lannie Flowers Where Did All The Fun Go
39 Steve Kilbey And Gareth Koch Broken Toys
40 Kimberley Rew/Lee Cave-Berry Flat Cat
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