Top 40 Songs – Week: June 11, 2018

1 The Tearaways Summer Fashions/Little Bit of Love
2 The Red Button with Peter Noone Ooh Girl
3 The Jones Monkeytown
4 John Duffer Whiskey Sessions
5 Renato Telles Sbeghen Capim Fino
6 CJ Teffner Find the Magic
7 Jeff Kossack Float
8 Rooftop Screamers w/ Ken Stringefellow Roses Again
9 Steven Ybarra What I Really Want To Say
10 TJ Doyle Cold Rain
11 The Ragamuffins Something Sinister
12 The Fulcos Tell Me
13 Paula Atherton New Color
14 Sunshine Boys Billy Boy
15 Jef Scott The Ghostwriters Miracle Pill
16 Nick Goodman I Wish I Was Great/And I Want You
17 Marc Platt Could Been Someone
18 Innspire Innocence
19 Emma Larsson Consolation
20 Velveteen Rabbit Mind Numbing Entertainment
21 Young Presidents Alive
22 Shayne Leighton Invincinble
23 The Prettybads You're The One For Me
24 Jerry Hull All You’ve Been Looking For
25 Calisus Now or Never
26 Stone Wicked Souls Say Anything
27 Take The Day Matches and Knives
28 Bamil What It Seems Like
29 Bossy Boots Get it
30 Room in the Wood Magical Thinking
31 Dani Hagan Baby Come Home/What I LIke
32 Faux Reality Place to Be
33 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
34 Angie Aparo Punk Rock Girl
35 The Vast Oddity Squares Are People Too
36 Human League Human
37 U2 New Years Day
38 Thrift Store Halo Every Time With You
39 Bozz Scaggs Lido Shuffle
40 Thee Holy Brothers Elvis in Jerusalem
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