Top 40 Songs – Week: June 10, 2019

1 The Tearaways Sweet Sounds of Summer
2 Richard Turgeon Beware of God/Bigfoot's an Alien
3 The Neatbeats In Love
4 Jeff Kossack That God Damn Rock n Roll
5 TJ Doyle Lullaby
6 Sports Team M5
7 The Floor Models You Can’t Tell Me Anything
8 The Geb You've Gotta Live
9 The Forevers Big Wave
10 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
11 Jenna Nation Givin’ U Up
12 Euringer Fuck Everything
13 Yipes! Pure Insanity/Blink Of An Eye
14 Justine and The Unclean Monosyllabic Man/Heartache Knows Your Name
15 Pezband African Night
16 Van Go Live Through This
17 Jim Gaff Redneck and Living Proof
18 Sonar Lights The Four Horsemen
19 Love Child Love And Happiness
20 Gyasi All Messed Up
21 The Gold Needles Upon Our Skin
22 Tamaralee Shutt With Orbis Max Don't let It Slip Away
23 Eric Reed Ain’t Enough
24 The Lighthouse Cover Story
25 Dillan Cate There For
26 China Bears Sunday
27 Phil Proietti Higher Vibe
28 BlendJazz Journey
29 L.a. Blacksmith Warri
30 The Scones Another Day In The Park
31 Caloy To Be Young
32 Herb Alpert Route 101
33 Fluffer Again
34 Mind Of Fury Let Me Fly
35 Geoff Palmer/Genya Ravan All The Hits’
36 Steve Kilbey And Gareth Koch Broken Toys
37 Kimberley Rew/Lee Cave-Berry Flat Cat
38 Lenny Bull Somebody's Girl
39 Erick Amador Indecision
40 Bamil You And I