Top 40 Songs – Week: June 1, 2020

1 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Upper Hand/Bright Light
2 THE LET'S GO’s Too Much Moon
3 Jim Basnight Best Lover In The World/Making Love For a Living
4 The Foreign Films Dream With Me Tonight
5 Phoebe Bridgers Kyoto
6 The Blue Dolphins You Are Not Alone
7 Arkells Years in the Making
8 Soraia Still I Rise / Dig Your Roots
9 Sunshine Boys Summertime Kids / Infinity Girl
10 Justin Wade Band T-Shirt
11 The Young Presidents I'll Make It Right
12 Austin Autry 20 After Midnight
13 Into the Blood Stay Forever
14 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
15 Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite Atarashi Engine
16 Alice Cooper Don't Give
17 Todd Rundgren Hello It's Me
18 The New Mastersounds Altitude
19 Lynda Mandolyn Be All Right
20 The Banshees Tell Me Everything
21 Reclaim Vienna Modern Times
22 Peter Perrett Love Comes on Silent Feet
23 The Superphone Fly So High
24 Lacey Sturn The Decree
25 Raveis Kole Holding Into a Rainbow
26 Terry Mackner You’re An Angel To Me
27 The Rah's The Time Is Now
28 SHE ROBOT Obsessed With You
29 Killing Tyranny Dog and Pony Show Curtain Call Records
30 Cesar Vidal If You Want This Love
31 Arrays Ain’t No Sunshine
32 Tiny Fighter Strangest Thing
33 Open Sound Reason To Write
34 Nige Silvestri Just One Night
35 Dave Molter Mid-Century Man
36 MLTF Subject To Status
37 Adika Pongo Diamonds
38 Signal 13 Band Dirty
39 Jeff Kossack Resurrection
40 Justine's Black Threads/Unclean The Other Side of a 6-Pack/Vengeance
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