Top 40 Songs – Week: July 23, 2018

1 Weeklings Baby You're a Rich Man
2 Nick Piunti Temporary High
3 Primes Haunted EM Music Matters
4 RJ Comer Under a Lover’s Moon/One Last Kiss
5 8$Rum Life Ever After
6 The Tearaways Little Bit of Love
7 Van Go Live Through This
8 New York Junk Going Back Down To Max's Kansas City
9 Chandrika Tandon Song Of Destruction
10 Jerry Hull No One Little Girl
11 The Gunboat Diplomats Manifest Destiny
12 TJ Doyle Rosemary's Wishes
13 CJ Teffner Find the Magic
14 Leah Zeger Go For a Walk
15 The Other Two Sides Stoke the Fire
16 Sawdust Road Pick You Up
17 The Cynz He’s The One
18 Junior Turner Tonight
19 The Fulcos Tell Me
20 Parlor Birds Lizzards
21 Vertilizar This is the Life
22 Jeff Kossack Waterlogged
23 The Winachi Tribe f. The Singularity Transition
24 Black Pumas Black Moon Rising
25 Jeff Whalen Soylent Blue
26 Awful Man The Reason For Rush Hour
27 Dieselle May Sweeter
28 Liz Fawcett New Times
29 Lucille Furs Please, Give Her This Letter
30 Dustin Thomas Never Lookin Back
31 Mark Wade Trio Wide Open
32 Scandal The Warrior
33 Zager & Evans In The Year
34 The Dark Leaves Four Winds
35 The Matt Truman Ego Trip Bad News
36 Lisa Mychols Loving You
37 JENNA Nation Killer Love
38 Scarlet Drive Abusement Park
39 Velvet Starlings Life Ain't Getting You High/Sold Down The River
40 Anthony Kale Without A Word
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