Top 40 Songs – Week: July 22, 2019

1 honeychain Go Away
2 The Coolies Blueberry Crumble
3 Justine and The Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby
4 The Tearaways Manchester Girl/Calipopicana
5 BRAD MARINO Bye Bye Johnny
6 Genya Ravan Don’t Go In The Bathroom/Pump It Up
7 John Salaway A Little Bit Broken
8 Johnathan Pushkar The Girl Next Door
9 The Black Keys Go
10 The Weeklings I Want You Again
11 Nick Eng Too Good For Anyone
12 The Young Presidents Slipping Away
13 Jeff Kossack Imperfect Valentine
14 Van Go Live Through This
15 Dave Molter Fading Away/Mid-Century Man
16 TolbertToz Gotta Let It Go
17 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
18 Violentene Frozen Heart
19 Sami Joensuu I Left a Light On
20 Second Player Score Ragged Town
21 Amanda Marie They Say Life
22 Bamil If I Could Change The World For You
23 The Skullers Brooklyn Girls
24 SONS The Sermon
25 Keb Mo Oklahoma
26 Josh Rouse I Miss You
27 Ronnie Dark Love Will Break Your Heart
28 TJ Doyle Lullaby
29 Fluffer Again
30 COREIGN Handicapped
31 Cheap Gunslingers Good Time
32 Kurt Baker Combo Pack My Bags
33 Deborah Bell Love Won't Pay The Rent [Juicy Mix]
34 Zager & Evans In the Year 2525
35 Jim Gaff Redneck and Living Proof
36 Pure Milk Palm Beach
37 Taffy She & She
38 The Feens What Are You Dreaming
39 The Hollywood Stars Escape
40 Dushane Band Jody