Top 40 Songs – Week: January 7, 2019

1 The Scones I Am The Walrus/Goodbye, Good Luck, Good Riddance
2 Justine and The Unclean This System Is Set To Self Destruct
3 The Weeklings Running Away
4 The Tearaways I Could Love You Forever
5 Van Go I Wish I Could Be Grateful/ Miles Away
6 The Spielbergs Daisy! It's the New Me
7 Sunshine Boys Questions
8 The Grip Weeds Vibrations
9 Jeff Kossack I Just Need You
10 TJ Doyle Hearts Eyes
11 Velvet Starlings Sold Down The River
12 Joe Benoit Paying The Toll/Alone
13 Daisy House Open Your Eyes
14 Andras Jones Natalie Wood Said
15 Sami Joensuu You Name It
16 Nick Piunti You Invented Hell
17 Fight Like Sin Haunted
18 Rockjuice Please Please Girl
19 Serkeidian Fire
20 Dream Syndicate Hero Takes a Fall
21 Elephant Radio California
22 Dan Barcan Losers Crusing On Zero
23 Guy Paul Thibault Dangerous Strangers
24 Creeptor 21st Century Hexen
25 Richard And The Young Lions Nasty
26 Sidney Gish No Dogs Allowed
27 Mack & Gibbs Wait On The Lord [OG remix]
28 Dana Countryman My Favorite Dream Come True
29 Peter Parker’s Rock n Roll Club Merry Xmas
30 Phyllis Johnson Mr Callahan
31 Voice for Change Community Chorus Voice for Change
32 Yipes! Pure Insanity
33 Kilt The Messenger No One Came
34 The Cherry Drops Happynessville (feat. Ron Dante)
35 Floor Models Getting Back Into My Life
36 Titty Twister Speedball Baby
37 Ayala La Luna
38 The Lost End Cold Hand World
39 Lazyrevs Send Me A Boat
40 Sounds Of Unity Everyday
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