Top 40 Songs – Week: January 27, 2020

1 The Weeklings Running Away
2 The Who All This Music Must Fade
3 Tom Baker Turn Your Head Around
4 Sunshine Boys Infinity Girl
5 Tomboys Naomi No Yume
6 Justine and The Unclean Picking a Fight
7 The Ratboys French Girls
8 Spanking Charlene I Don’t Wanna Go There
9 The Forevers Rockets Fly
10 Daisy House As You Were
11 Barley Station What’s The Crime
12 Genya Ravan Fool For a Pretty Face
13 Billie Eilish Xanny
14 The Carvels Bitter Pill
15 Bronnie Run and Hide
16 Into The Blood Into The Groove
17 Raveis Kole Into Me You See
18 Cookai Good Morning
19 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
20 Dave Molter Oh Woman Don't You Cry/ Foolish Heart
21 Forrest Colorado
22 All Above Me Thank You
23 Gil Fourny Europa
24 The Tearaways Forevermore
25 The Strawkites Dreams Turn to Ashes
26 Le Poisson Silent Cries
27 Corners of Sanctuary Breaking Silence
28 Real Impossibles With A Girl/All Over This World
29 Shauna Golden Cute Thing
30 Julie Ludgate Fighter
31 Prolapse Who's It For?
32 Absofacto Dissolve
33 The Grip Weeds Astral Man/Infinite Soul
34 FEVER Money Love
35 Amaryllis (The Latin Phoenix) Meet Me On The Moon
36 Jonah's Run Wise Men
37 Norman Bindmender
38 The Battery Farm Crude Oil Water
39 The Assist I Don’t Care
40 Brandon Walsh Pasadena
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