Top 40 Songs – Week: February 5, 2018

1 TJ Doyle Nothing In My Way
2 CJ Teffner Behind The Magic
3 Destroyer Tinseltown Swimming in Blood
4 Second Echo Rain Down
5 Gary Stockdale You Don't Know/On The Edge
6 Amyl & The Sniffers I’m Not A Loser
7 RAYNE Subject A
8 Rosegarden Funeral Party Seeing You Here and Now/Blitzkreig In Holland
9 ESOEBO Hot Stuff
10 The Tearaways Bash/Baby Blue
11 REECE Hold On
12 Ministry of Angels Mental Health Day
13 The Perms Lose Yourself
14 Telephone Lovers Two Dollar Baby
15 Starcrawler I Love LA
16 Nick Piunti Behind The Smile
17 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
18 Smoke the Bees Xibalba
19 Les Friction Kashmir
20 Erin Stevenson Hangin
21 Maul Park Her Sorrow
22 Matt Westin Redneck Of The Woods
23 Mack Meadows Somebody's Gotta Do It
24 Mia Kylie Ditta TRY
25 K7s Never-ending Love
26 Fallen Arches Burn Bright
27 Deborah Gee Risk
28 Jimmy Coburn One of The Things
29 Cult Of Wedge Guitar Girl
30 Random Detour Waters Edge
31 AgnezMoorhead Alone In The World
32 Thrift Store Halo I'm Not Through
33 8$Rum Hail The King
34 Andy Michaels Just Because You Love Someone
35 Cindy Lee Berryhill The Adventurist/Somebody’s Angel
36 Rik and the Pigs (Baby I'm) Electric
37 Jerry Hull Heart of Gold
38 Z and Saffire Sweet Dreams
39 Judy Nazemetz The Way Back
40 F5 Control