Top 40 Songs – Week: February 18, 2019

1 The Tearaways The Wrecking Crew
2 Cameron Sanderson Hold
3 Sonya Jevette Mi Mi Mi
4 King Cornelius and The Silverbacks I Am Great Ape/Cthulu
5 Raveis Kole Into Me You See (Here & Now)
6 Taylor Barton 7 Steps
7 Andras Jones Jealousy Nation
8 Crocodiles Wait Until Tomorrow
9 K. Michael Joseph Compel Me
10 The Grip Weeds Vibrations
11 The Weadon Boys High and Low
12 Van Go Everyone Loves You When You're Gone
13 Vogon Poetry Spacewalk
14 Yipes! Pure Insanity
15 Malou Beauvoir There’s a Man
16 Voice for Change Community Chorus Voice for Change
17 TJ Doyle Hearts Eyes
18 Jeff Kossack I Just Need You
19 Ayala Magpie
20 The Cherry Bluestorms Roy Wood/As Above So Below
21 Nick Goodman Put a Bar In The Back of My Car
22 The Weeklings Running Away/Friday on My Mind
23 The Hindu Needle Trick Prizefighter Blues
24 40 Shillings on The Drum Mean Streets (Born of The Same Guitar)
25 Neil Brannigan Tyrrell Frozen Blood
26 Lachrymose Nepenthe
27 Little Steven Saint Valentine's Day
28 The Ex Teens New Victorians
29 Pop Weight Of Something
30 Lowell Hopper ALL NIGHT LONG
31 Lee Michaels Stormy Monday
32 WORLD24 Be You
33 Brooklyn Groove Machine Disco Holiday (Ext Mix)
34 Soraia Trash
35 Justine and The Unclean Margaritas and Second Hand Smoke
36 Venus Deranged
37 In Deed Marry Myself
38 Derrick Anderson When I Was Your Man
39 The Tomboys Ring Me
40 Greedy Souls We Will Rule
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