Top 40 Songs – Week: December 10, 2018

1 Joe Benoit Paying The Toll
2 The Weeklings Running Away
3 Justine and The Unclean This System Is Set To Self Destruct
4 Jeff Kossack I Just Need You
5 The Tearaways Stuff Your Stocking/What A Jerk
6 The Professionals Good Man Down
7 Dushane Band Top Down
8 Soraia Trash
9 Bill Lloyd 'Til The Day I Break Down
10 TJ Doyle Hearts Eyes
11 The Struts Tatler Magazine
12 Ayala La Luna
13 Bamil The Rainbow Along The Sunset
14 Wes Hollywood Dandelion
15 Kevin Farrell Stay Strong
16 Thrift Store Halo I Still Love Christmas
17 Van Go Grim Life
18 The Weeklings Christmastime Is Here Again
19 Raveis Kole Fearless (All IN)
20 The Bangles Jet Fighter
21 Brendan Kelly Lonely Bones
22 The Grip Weeds Vibrations
23 Somerdale Merry Christmas Time
24 Malou Bevoir Kouzen
25 Julia Othmer Bring Peace For Christmas
26 Palmyra Delran and The Doppel Gang (If You’d Like To Make A Call) Please Hang Up
27 Human Last Exit Before the Crash
28 The Jigsaw Seen Girl On A Red Velvet Swing
29 Dancing Flame Dark Winter Days
30 LaTasha Lee Why You Do Me Like That
31 Robert O’Connor River
32 SHEDIZER Tonight
33 The Luka State Kick in The Teeth
34 Sonar Lights Don't You Fade Away
35 Sarea Lights
36 Christian de Mesones Spirit
37 Brett Newski The Stars Are as Good as a Nightlight
38 Piet Louter When I Die
39 Taxi Joe Pain
40 My Son The Bum Goodbye Psychotic CHristmas