Top 40 Songs – Week: August 6, 2018

1 Klez Here Right Now
2 Velvet Starlings Life Ain't Getting You High/Borrowed Time
3 The Tearaways Worst Wife Ever/Summer Fashions
4 Liz Fawcett Start Again/New Times
5 Nick Piunti Temporary High/Deep Freeze
6 Mommy Long Legs Bitch Island
7 The Fulcos Tell Me
8 RJ Comer Under a Lover’s Moon/One Last Kiss
9 The Gunboat Diplomats Manifest Destiny
10 Ex Norwegian Making Deals
11 Arisara Time’s Up
12 Renato Telles Sbeghen Capim Fino
13 Willie Nile Secret Weapon
14 TJ Doyle Rosemary's Wishes
15 Jeff Kossack If We'd Just Trade Shoes
16 The Kerbs Changes
17 Only Sun Fine
18 Lovesick Radio You Should Know
19 Lava Frog In The Air
20 The Spring Ebb And Flow
21 Anthony Kale Without A Word
22 We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself Out Of Doubt
23 Robert O’Connor You Found Me
24 THE DAHMERS Creepiest Creep
25 JENNA Nation Killer Love
26 Lisa Mychols Domino
27 Night Ranger Don't Tell Me You Love Me
28 CJ Teffner Find The Magic
29 Stereo in Solo Electricity of Light
30 Junior Turner Tonight
31 The Most Gatecrashers
32 Dustin Thomas Never Lookin Back
33 Storm Can You Feel It
34 The Cynz Tattooed Heart
35 IDestroy Lemonade
36 Angie Aparo Sylvia Plath
37 Chasing Dragons Like Gravity
38 Bird Streets Betting On The Sun
39 Costellos Out Of The Blue
40 Mack Meadows Somebody's Gotta Do It
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