Top 40 Songs – Week: August 5, 2019

1 The Tearaways Manchester Girl/Wrecking Crew
2 The Anderson Council Our Worlds Collide/How Much How Long
3 Velvet Starlings Karmic Lemonade
4 The Let’s Go’s Heibon Cherry
5 The Darts (US) My Way/Don't Hold My Hand
6 Johnathan Pushkar The Girl Next Door
7 Lacy J Dalton Can’t Tell Your Heart Who To Beat For
8 honeychain Go Away
9 Peyton Gilliland Drag Me Under
10 Kill My Coquette Put Me In Your Movie Quentin Tarantino
11 The Gold Needles I'm Gonna Try
12 Justine and The Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby
13 Malou Beauvoir Nwaye
14 Genya Ravan Don’t Go In The Bathroom/Pump It Up
15 Keb Mo Oklahoma
16 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
17 Van Go Live Through This
18 Stays In Vegas Your Fears
19 Six Gun Sal The Life
20 Jeff Kossack Imperfect Valentine
21 Jon C Butler Mr. Rock N Roll
22 Becoming Ashes Boneyard
23 Amanda Marie They Say Life
24 The Coolies Blueberry Crumble
25 Nick Eng Too Good For Anyone
26 Love N Revenge All 4 U
27 John Salaway A Little Bit Broken
28 The Grand Track Daily Dose
29 Darksoft Wannacry
30 The Brothers Steve She
31 Tim Anthony When Summer Comes Around
32 Moon Chylde Stay ft John Fraser & Orlando Williams
33 Killer Hearts Annihilation
34 Todd Rundgren We Gotta Get You A Woman
35 The Jack Fletcher Band The Assasin
36 Geoff Palmer All The Hits
37 Dave Molter Fading Away/Mid-Century Man
38 Fluffer Again
39 The Cupholders You Don't Bother Me
40 TJ Doyle Lullaby
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