Top 40 Songs – Week: April 9, 2018

1 Thrift Store Halo Concrete Sky
2 The Tearaways I Could Love You Forever/It's For Her
3 Daisy House Let's Do It Again/Open Your Eyes
4 TJ Doyle Earth Is Crying/Favorite PLaces
5 Angie Aparo Bicycle Kings
6 Chicano Batman Passed You By
7 Logan Heftel Never Gonna Bring Me Down
8 Thee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem
9 Jeff Kossack Clockwise
10 honeychain Going Through Your Purse
11 Young Presidents The One You Love
12 Second Echo The Only One
13 Us and Them From the Corner of my Eye
14 Minus One Cold
15 Sound Discard Bound
16 Rebeka Rain & Kathryn Swain Compliment
17 Latte+ Everyone Loves The Ramones Even My Mom
18 JENNA Nation Can't Get Over You
19 Un-Broken No Escape
20 Caper Clowns The Way I Dream
21 Helen Rose Oh Glory Be/Love & Whiskey
22 CJ Teffner Find The Magic
23 K7s Never-ending Love
24 The Weeklings In The Moment
25 Bobby Johnson/Donna Carrol No One Like You
26 Artificial Pleasure On A Saturday Night
27 Molly Hanmer Come Back/Dead Happy
28 Midnite Snaxxx Greedy Little Thing
29 Armin van Buuren ft. Conrad Sewell Sex, Love & Water
30 The Red Button Behind a RaInbow
31 The Gunboat Diplomats Manifest Destiny
32 Ministry of Angels Be with me in Paradise
33 Lowell Hooper Just For You
34 Sonar Lights Help Me
35 Indonesian Junk Tonight Indonesian Junk Tonight
36 COBURG Forbidden Realms
37 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
38 Mack Meadows Somebody's Gotta Do It
39 Professor and the Madman Wishes
40 Sabbatar Cry
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