Top 40 Songs – Week: April 27, 2020

1 Fiona Apple Under The Table
2 Boomtown Rats Monster Monkeys
3 CRUNCHTIME Outsourced/Working From Home
4 Jay Allen & The Archcriminals Little Daggers
5 Stuart Pearson Then She’s Gone
6 Andras Jones Hold Your Nose and Vote
7 Camens Leave Me In Pieces
8 Soraia Still I Rise / Dig Your Roots
9 Sunshine Boys Summertime Kids / Infinity Girl
10 The Let’s Go’s Don’t Let Me Cry
11 The Peawees Alone Again Or
12 Jeff Kossack To My Younger Self
13 Feed Your Wolves Lonely
14 The Winters We're Still Kids
15 Orbis Max With Ed Ryan Orbis Max With Ed Ryan
16 Radio Drive Sweet Thing
17 John Batdorf It's Alright
18 Searching for Sylvia Play That Song (On The Radio)
19 Basement Stars Head Up And Fuck 'Em
20 Nick Howe It Belongs To Her
21 W.R.D. Bobby’s Boogaloo
22 Tinfoils Spitting
23 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
24 Misha Easy
25 Far From Refuge Kingdom (ft. Edenveil)
26 Ascendo Angelina
27 Ferdinand Rennie Summer, Roses and Wine
28 Into the Blood Stay Forever
29 Linda Wright Till the Lie I’m Living
30 Charly Tate 45th Parallel
31 Neon Trees Used to Like
32 Justin Wade Band T-Shirt
33 John Vento Just Don’t Care
34 Follow The Lion H.O.P.E
35 Neon Trees Used to Like
36 Falcone Rising I Never Knew You
37 Brothers of Metal Njord
38 Dave Viney and Narcissus Our City
39 Kim Scott Free To Be ft Jazmin Ghent
40 PEARS Nervous