1The TearawaysI Could Love You Forever/Forevermore
2Thrift Store Halo Concrete Sky
3honeychainWhen I Stumble
4The FulcosTell Me
5Jeff KossackFunny Thing About Luck
6CJ Teffner Find the Magic
7STORM Warning Stay
8Proper Man Ladies First
9Daisy HouseLet's Do It Again/Open Your Eyes
10TJ DoyleEarth Is Crying/Favorite PLaces
11Young PresidentsErica
12Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
13Chris Richards and The Subtractions Half Asleep
14Caper ClownsThe Way I Dream
15snOre You Bought It
16Elevated Sickness Thanks For Nothing
17Rebeka Rain & Kathryn SwainCompliment
18JENNA NationCan't Get Over You
19Calisus Now or Never
20The WeeklingsIn The Moment
21Angie AparoPunk Rock Girl
22Breeze Redwine Tomorrow Never Came
23Ewood I Don't Know
24Atomic Suplex ft. Hilary BurtonReally Stupid
25Zero Theorum Area
26The Gunboat Diplomats Manifest Destiny
27The Pond Hawks Orange Sunset Time
28Lucy & The RatsPills
29Us and Them From the Corner of My Eye
30Emma Larsson Stay Awake
31Kurt Baker ComboSo Lonely
32Thee Holy BrothersElvis In Jerusalem
33Logan HeftelNever Gonna Bring Me Down
34Helen RoseOh Glory Be/Love & Whiskey
35Cláudia Pascoal O Jardim
37Indonesian JunkTonight
38The CavemenLust For Evil
39INXS Never Tear Us Apart
40The Supahip Running Blind