Top 40 Songs – Week: April 1, 2019

1 The Tearaways The Wrecking Crew/I'll See You Again (GezaX mix)
2 Justine and The Unclean This System is Set To Self Destruct
3 Van Go Everyone Loves You When You're Gone
4 su凸ko d凹koi Awatenbo Kareshi
5 Youth Chairs Your Perfect World/New York Gray
6 The Weeklings (with Peter Noone) Friday On My Mind
7 Yipes! Pure Insanity
8 Day & Dream We’re Gonna Need Some More Coffee
9 Jeff Kossack The Man I Grew To Be
10 The Red Button (feat. Peter Noone) Ooh Girl
11 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
12 Supernovocaine Need Your Lies
13 Levin goes Lightly Nackt
14 Potty Mouth Smash Hit
15 Julia Othmer Hungry Days (Make Me Feel)
16 Ayala (with Horacio Palencia & Chacal) Que Quieres De Mi
17 The Weadon Boys High and Low
18 The Forevers Frederique
19 False Heads Sleaze
20 Color of Chaos Fortunate Son
21 Medusa Glare Rock Your World
22 Gary Douglas Band Million Miles Away
23 Grip Weeds After The Sunrise
24 Caloy To Be Young
25 Tony Aiken & Future Famine
26 Vertical Coffins You Should Have Run
27 Rooni Echo
28 Malou Beauvoir There’s a Man
29 Emily Noel I Miss You
30 TJ Doyle Hearts Eyes
31 Rofo Audio Right Through Me
32 Andras Jones Spin The Bottle
33 The Guess Who American Woman
34 Roseann Sureda When The heart Speaks
35 Brocarde Last Supper
36 The Popravinas Sofia (CMU)
37 Justin Matthews Turquoise Beauty
38 Raw Terra Suicide Lincoln
39 Reason Define Innocent
40 Virtue Mend A Car Called Desire
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