1 Millie Courtney Young World
2 Tearaways Bash
3 MIchelle Wake A Soiree
4 Dan Vapid and The Cheats What Do You Wanna Do Tonight?
5 Blue Helix Aliens
6 Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
7 Acero MC & Hotfunkboys Ke Lo Ke
8 The Young Presidents Early Exit
9 After Robot Bed of Shame
10 MIAGII Stay Calm
11 Love Child Like A Child
12 Haymarket Riot Bad Penny
13 Autumn Kings Runnin' From The Police
14 Engage the Threat Vampiric Blood
15 The Many Colored Death Prodigal
16 Jaq Mackenzie Body Heat
17 Decedy Do You Ever Think
18 Angie & The Deserters You
19 Crosseyed Miles Lost as Can Be
20 Gregor Ross Don’t Mean Maybe
21 Sharon Lia Band Fairytales
22 La Kreativ Back Home
23 Cranky George Nighttime
24 Nick Piunti Blame In Vain
25 Somerdale Waiting For You