1 The Young Presidents Loner
2 The Tearaways We're All Gonna Drink Tonight
3 Rebecca Hosking No Reason
4 Black Absinthe Pigs
5 RJ Comer Steppin' Down
6 The Spiritual Machines The Man Is Me
7 Cheryl Nye Surrender to My Heart
8 Jameson Raid Maze Of Rats
9 Kylie Hughes Never Ever/Short Skirts
10 Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse Elaina
11 Northern Roads Soaked Up Parade
12 Joffel project Breaking Boundaries
13 Departed Steal Your Crown
14 Broken Teeth Devil On The Road
15 9 Mile Roots On The Floor
16 Weapon Uk Wonderland
17 Suburban Myth Crashed And Burned
18 Pedwell Get That Thing
19 Concrete Injection Back To Pain
20 Surreal Realm Storms and Rainbows
21 Jaq MacKenzie Lady Of The Night/Alternation
22 The Strands The River
23 Womack Stumble On
24 Divine Weeks Blind Kind Of Love
25 Chris Johnson Pappy's Song