1 The Tearaways Good Luck Lovin
2 Bayonets Crash Boom Bang
3 EyeRollers Both Ways
4 Rod Melancon With The Devil
5 Kannika Why Me
6 Raveis Kole Dawn Breaks Through
7 Tiffany Gow Broken
8 Young Presidents Erica
9 Triggah Believe
10 Life ft Otis Vocal Coming Home
11 Amanda Campbell Come Closer
12 Lunar Rogue Another Night Another
13 Neptune Blue Walk Away
14 The Bishops Get Behind Me
15 Downfall 2012 Take Control
16 Monteith The Man Strikes Again
17 ANGELES California Cold Day In Hell
18 Manan Gupta Dear Mother
19 Dustin Thomas Flawless
20 The Logues No Place Like Home
21 Pilgrim Speakeasy Freak Decco
22 B.J. Young A Picture Of Me Without You
23 Cosmo Topper Topper Takes A trip
24 Storm Orchestra When I Touch Your
25 ADA Perfectly Imperfect