1 The Tearaways I Love My Life
2 Kurt Baker Combo Next Tomorrow
3 The Perms Lose Yourself
4 Andrew Adkins I'm Indestructible
5 The Anderson Council Friday’s Girl
6 Young Presidents Loner/AWare Alive Awake
7 Kelly's Lot Love Is Hard To Catch
8 William Control Confess
9 Lauren Adams Seminole Wind
10 X My Heart Sweet Life
11 The Dollyrots Happy Together
12 Plasterscene Intoxicated
13 Airport Impressions Come Along
14 The Smallest Creature Enchanting
15 Morganway Ain’t It Just
16 Raviner Maybe
17 Blue Helix Runaways
18 Morbid Curse Sick to Death
19 Donnie Nivens ft. Jamie Wright Brother To Brother
20 Leslee Allan Street
21 The Counteracts And I Lost it All
22 Marc Bradac Good Times
23 Angie & The Deserters Forgetting To Forget
24 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Where Is Everybody?
25 Allan Frank The Long Long Road