1honeychainMessy Love
2Spo BroTorn/Strange Things
3Bamil Hypnoteyes
4Lauren Adams It Takes What It Takes
5The TearawaysValerie/I Will Wait
6End My Sorrow Wither Away
7William Control Analog Flesh In A Digital World
8Orchid Collective Courage
9Katie Ellie Miss Lionheart
10Empyre Drive
11Life Take Another Chance
12Dalton CyrInvisible
13Morganway My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You
14The Fulcos Ain’t Your Day
15Level VII March With Me
16Child Ivory Rhetoric
17Krepitus Eyes of the Soulless
18Bedrokk Angels Or Demons
19LivingmoreCounting sheep
20The Two Tens Keeping Hope Alive
21Leslee Allan Street
22Blue Helix Aliens
23Apprentice Order 66
24Angie & The Deserters 17 Days
25Erin Eades Workin' For a Livin'