1 Narrow Plains I Should Have Known
2 Tearaways Bash
3 Nick Piunti Blame In Vain
4 Blue Helix Runaways
5 Empty Hearts I Don’t Want Your Love
6 The Perms Los Yourself
7 Stephen Wrench Don't Try Telling That To My Heart
8 Silent Theory Fragile Minds
9 Wake to Wonder Purest High
10 Hegarty Black & White
11 Love Child Like A Child
12 Silent Line The Faceless Shadow
13 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
15 Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
16 Celestial Ruin Sense of Exile
17 Chariots Of The Gods Ages Unsung
18 The Rift Deliverance
19 Dirty Vertebrae Ignorance
20 Fluffer Fight All Night
21 Damage Limit Without You
22 Airport Impressions Berlin
23 Anthem Academy Good Life
24 Tracey Davis Lover Come Back To Me
25 RJ Comer One Day