1TILT Against The Rain
2The Anderson CouncilMagical/Friday's Girl
3The Young Presidents Silk Pink Dress
4Angie & The DesertersThe Gift
5Four Star Revival Red
6Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
7Ted Drozdowski's ScissormenBlack Lung Fever
8Communist Daughter Speed of Sound
9The TearawaysI Don't Know and I Don't Care/In Dublin
10Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
11Millie Courtney Eleanor Rigby
12Billy Brown Alone Again With You
13Polymath Paranoicosis (Whale Roads)
14Peter Case If I Go Crazy
15The Black Fever Material Girl
16Tracey Davis I Want To Play
17The Floor ModelsSpin Cycle/Letter From Liverpool
18Left Wing Fascists Surfing Junkies
19Idlewar Criminal
20DIV I DED Frozen
21Art Podell Golden Apples
22Joe Symes & The Loving KindThings Get Better
24Daryl HanceA Celebration
25Rebecca Hosking Safe Haven