1 The Young Presidents Aware, Alive, Awake
2 Millie Courtney Eleanor Rigby
3 Tracey Davis Lover Come Back To Me/ I Want To Play
4 Neil And Adam Everything Is Alright
5 Jef Scott The Good Life
6 Terry Dark's Jameson Raid Metal People
7 David Childers Cain and Abel
8 Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
9 The Colossal Heads Getaway
10 The Tearaways I Don't Know and I Don't Care
11 Red Velvet Crush Panic Room
12 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
13 Angie & The Deserters The Gift
14 Sage Rhoades Bad Voodoo
15 Rebecca Hosking The Other Side Of Good
16 Reaction Let It Ride
17 Kerosene Stars Eleanor Dear
18 Jasmin Stone Time
19 Wildlfe Dead Century
20 Floor Models Letter From Liverpool/Spin Cycle
21 Sashas Bloc Runaway Blues
23 Tuatha Dea Long Black Curl
24 Wesley Fuller Runaway Renee
25 Jaq Mackenzie Lady Of The Night