1The Strands The River
2Kylie HughesIt Still Hurts
3The Young PresidentsWhere Do Angels
4Cheryl Nye I Surrender To My Heart
5Aggronymph I Want You
6Chuck Johnson & CharlyhorseTao of Betsy
7The TearawaysGirls Who Love Cars/Name That Tune
8Surreal RealmStorms and Rainbows
9Kenny Lee The Trump Card
10Jaq MackenzieAlternation
11Tiny Boats Burn In the Sun
12RJ ComerNightly Suicide/One Day
13Kirra Lay You Down
14Rebecca HoskingNo Reason
15Connor Youngblood Australia
16Denise GloverIf I'd Been Born in Another Place
17Barak HillMoonshiner
18Luna Reign Pure Blue
19Muddy Magnolias Devil's Teeth
20Paralandra All Fall Down
21Matt KabusIn My Head
22Kat WinstonGhosts
23The FauveSlow Motion
24David Oliver WillisOne Life
25David HakanSolid Gone