Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 29, 2021

1 The Grip Weeds Journey to The Center Of The Mind/The Shape of Things to Come
2 Keeley Never O'Clock
3 Kid Gulliver Stupid Little Girl/Lila Dreams
4 The Pulsebeats She Sings Like Joey Ramone/Life As A Movie
5 The Amplifier Heads The House of Young Dolls
6 Hayley & The Crushers Click and Act Now
7 Space Panther Do Ya Wanna Rock
8 Glowbox Screaming at The Sky
9 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
10 Let's Go's Don't Let Me Cry
11 The Cheap Cassettes She Ain’t Nothing Like You
12 The Flashcubes Alone In My Room
13 Klubber Lang This Place
14 Phil Hendriks ft Michelle Hendriks Silently
15 The Weeklings Christmas Day
16 The Wristslitters Kenosha
17 Shaky Graves Cheers
18 Danny Laj And The Looks Sweet Pretender
19 Wu-Lu Broken Homes
20 Potty Mouth Got You
21 SACOYANS Bright hell
22 Stupidity f. Keith Streng Waking Up The Band
23 Velvet Starlings Checkmate
24 Rebecca Lou Lovesick
25 Su凸ko D凹koi Yuuto
26 Cheyenne Elliott Sugarcane
27 Gavin Gribben Find The Right Girl
28 Horsegirl Billy
29 Jody And The Jerms Shiver
30 Kerrie Fuller Cry Baby
31 Katanak Pinch Grip
32 The Lucky Hundred Don't Look Back
33 Toolman 78744
34 Les Fradkin Under The Covers
35 The Flashcubes Alone In My Room
36 The Peppermint Kicks Strawberry Girls
37 TJ Doyle If You Leave
38 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Escape Velocity
39 Saliva Click Click Boom
40 FreeDivers Adolescence
41 Loopatronica Rainbows Project Pt. 1
42 The Pagans S.O.H Emergence of Forgotten Power
43 Maneskin Beggin'
44 The Brave Love Automatic
45 Blues Attack Bringing Down The House
46 Death of the High Street Banker
47 Mad Rollers Rome Sweet Home
48 Raveis Kole Ho Ho Home Holidays
49 Johnson Livingstone Angels Dancin' On the Head of a Pin
50 Star Collector Game Day
51 The Ormidales Crawling On My Hands and Knees
53 Cavalcade Dreaming About
54 Little Eva Let's Turkey Trot
55 Moretti D’You Care
56 Lisa Mychols & The Super 8 A Very Merry Christmas
57 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
58 Soda Cracker Jesus Kaleidoscope
59 Johnny James aka Dr J Slippin'
60 Chime School It's True
61 Red On Red Records Red on Red HOTS
62 Scott Sorry Black Dog Dancers
63 Swedish Magazines Head on Ice
64 Japanese Breakfast Be Sweet
65 Avenues We’re All Doomed
66 Trouble Pilgrims The Old Days
67 Tommy Gunn Band Can’t Stay Here
68 Ray Powers That’s a Hard No
69 Sugardrop Hello Tiger
70 LIGHTERS That's the Way Woman Is
71 Alias Kid Out With The Boys
72 John Larson And The Silver Fields I Don't Want To Hear Their Names Anymore
73 Red On Red Hots Red On Red Theme Song
74 Bamil Roots
75 Linneas Garden All Eight Nights
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