Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: March 29, 2021

1 The Questions Feeling of Love 恋の予感
2 Brad Marino Even The Score
3 Johnny Jetson Rock n' Roll Girl
4 Justine & The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
5 Michael Kane and The Morning Afters Carole Kaye
6 Linnea’s Garden Science & You/Non-Dramatic Breakup Song
7 Love Child Lose Your Way
8 The Adam Brown Spirit Tacos
9 Walk Off The Earth How It Is
10 Murv Douglas Something Real / Bipolar
11 The Shang Hi Los Skipping Records
12 Kill My Coquette Cage
13 Kewpid Tunnel Of Love
14 Futhermuckers Old But Still Handsome
15 Jennifer Mlott Senses
16 Ambiere Whispers
17 Slap Rash Cimmerion
18 Cronin Bank of Love
19 Brothers of Brass Legal State
20 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me/Running Away
21 BUZZED & LOADED At Your Door
22 Crystal Canyon Boomerang
23 Michelle Lambert Come To Me
24 Neighborhood Brats Who Took The Rain
25 Maxx Seed, Ms Molly Strange Love
26 Amongst Liars Black Day
27 Darby Picnic Talk To Me
28 Helioshealth Trapped In A Fog
29 Radio Days I Got A Love
31 Mercury Rising Runaway
32 Defiant Wendy
33 The Truth Council A Different Kind Of Crazy
34 Kodey Brims Got Me Running
35 The Krayolas I Just Wanna
36 The Blue Stones Let It Ride
37 Papa John Bi Polar
38 Letter Black Rise
39 Brian Haraway Boo Hoo Baby Bye Bye
41 Charu Suri & Friends Bluesy
42 Beachy Dead Destroy Us
43 Junior Parker Tomorrow Never Knows
45 Utopia Bloody Rock N' Roll
46 Crow Follow/Linneas Garden Doom Buggy
47 The Dead Freights Sufferin’ Safari
48 Beebe Gallini My Way of Thinking
49 Reclaim Vienna Joker
50 Dry Cleaning Scratchcard Lanyard
51 Guy Paul Thibault Running on Empty
52 The Clockworks Feels So Real
53 3MindBlight f. Trysette Situations
54 The Marmalade Wait For Me Mary-Anne
55 BflyLadyDi Live Life To The Fullest
56 Palmyra Delran & The Doppel Gang Lucky In Love
57 Genya Ravan I Who Have Nothing
58 Hayley & The Crushers Jacaranda
59 Rockower Kingdom Come
60 Flora Cash Missing Home
61 Dany Laj and the Look You & Me
62 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
63 Frankenfido Watcher on the Wall
64 Josie Cotton The Way You Rock
65 Smog Set in Stone
66 Raveis Kole Into Me You See
67 Cold Expectations Two Blueberries
68 Fleet Foxes Sunblind
69 Jessie Lynn Set It On Fire
70 The Primevals Gimme Gimme Some Action
71 Ambrose Children Of The Sun
72 The Divorcees Drinkin In The
73 The Battery Farm The Black Smoke Rise
74 Dead Reynolds ` Bright Lights
75 Tommy & the Rockets Some Kinda Fun
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