Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: March 14, 2022

1 The Amplifier Heads Candi Starr
2 The Shang Hi Los Billy
3 Nero Simon and The Sunsetters Forever
4 Paisley Black I Bet You Wish
5 The Grip Weeds I Wonder/Lie Beg Borrow and Steal
6 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
7 Linnea's Garden Cut & Paste/Looking
8 Thrift Store Halo Not Too Late
9 The Yum Yums Shoog Shoog (Sugar Baby)
10 Gypsy Moths Effortlessly
11 Jason Ray Welsh Let It Go
12 Wet Leg Chaise Longue/Anjelica
13 Eddie Vedder Brother the Cloud
14 Jessica James Music Out of My Depth
15 Les Fradkin Everything is Wrong
16 Kelly Muff New Trash
17 EMELINE this is how I learn to say no
18 Keith Murphy and the Daze Slightly Reminiscent of Her
19 Yee Loi Beat On The Brat
20 Chloe Collins Red Looks Good On Me
21 SVI Survivors
22 Smitt E. Smitty & The Feztones Buzzkill Baby
23 The Let's Go's In My Head
24 The Flashcubes Featuring Shoes Tomorrow Night
25 J Prozac Won't Let Go
26 Bodysync Body
27 Will Downing [Sophisticated Soul] Let's Go
28 CMAT No More Virgos
29 Ugly Smile I Remember Everything All At Once
30 SpeedFossil Livin’ The Dream
31 Too Much Saturn Life On Repeat
32 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
33 Oakville Pete The Whole World's Gone Crazy
34 Beach Patrol Thanks Coach
35 Post Profit Is This Joint Even Lit
36 John Lee Hooker 1 Bourbon 1 Scotch 1 Beer
37 Bouncin’ All Over the World The Globetrotters
38 Death of the High Street Synergy
39 Beat Angels She Shoots Starlight
41 Luna Blue Lou Lou
42 Chipz’Nuff Heaven In A Bottle
43 Jeffmajors Everything Must Change
44 Nine Skies Porcelain Hill (Feat. Damian Wilson)
45 Ember Sea Moonlight Shadow
46 Mawcore My Defence
47 The Dogmatics Drop That Needle
48 Barrie Jenny
49 EMÉA Just Wondering
50 Gone Savage Life in Black and White
51 Bran Van 3000 Drinking in L.A.
52 Emily Ewing Gold
53 The Dirty Truckers I Feel Nothing
54 Velvet Starlings Can't Control
55 Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer My Sharona
56 Gymnasium Tavern At The End Of The World
57 Tina and the Total Babes Why Do I Like You
58 Crow Follow Indiana Line
59 The New Nothings A Soldiers Lament
60 Titty Twister Kimino Tokomade
61 Kenny Dubman Old Dog
62 Kate Angel Punk Persona
63 Dea Matrona Stamp on It
64 The Tearaways Come On Jaan
65 Olivia Burke You're Alive
66 Len Price 3 Raven at My Window
67 Richard Lynch Radio Friend
68 Superchunk Endless Summer
69 La Fonda Wanting More
70 The Rumble Skulls Roll Into Motown
71 The Morning Shakes Thunderbird
72 Muddy Waters Baby Please Don't Go
73 Pete Stride and John Plain Laugh At Me
74 The Perps Wake Up On Saturday
75 Kate Nash Imperfect
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