Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: March 1, 2021

1 The Gold Needles Have You Ever Loved Somebody
2 Kiwi You
3 Shang Hi Los Funeral Home Mint
4 Hayley and The Crushers Kiss Me So I Can/Jacaranda
5 Tad Overbaugh & The Kickbacks Motel Stars
6 Pat McCurdy Now Is Not The Time For Sad Songs
7 Murv Douglas Something Real / Bipolar
8 Midnight Callers State of Me
9 Jonny Jetson Shine You Up
10 Indonesian Junk f Kurt Baker One More Try
11 The Right Here Here We Go Again
12 Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys Bridge of Flowers
13 Pamela Hopkins Crankin Up The Crazy
14 Fadeaways Bad Dreams
15 Peyton Gilliland Dangerous
16 The New Twentys You Got Me Good
17 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me/Running Away
18 Buzzed & Loaded At Your Door
19 Justine & The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
20 Nuevos Hobbies Monstruoso
21 Palmyra Delran & The Doppel Gang Who’s Been Sleeping Here?/Lady in Love
22 Dry Cleaning Strong Feelings
23 Raveis Kole Into Me You See
24 The True Loves Shambling
25 Hell's Oasis IsThat All You Got?
26 Atalaya Roja Rage
27 Garden Party Better (Than You)
28 Deviant Robots Let Your Light Shine
30 Fabels Piccolo
31 Electraluxx Too Cool For School
32 SENSES Drop Your Arms
33 Tizane Are you Bad
34 Chay Snowdon Loud Shirts
35 All Time Low Monsters
36 Fletchettes Man Of The Hour
37 Julia Holter Night Song
38 D!LLON Strange Feelings
39 Beebe Gallini My Way of Thinking
40 Kilt The Messenger The Ballad Of Vincent McCarthy
41 Fleet Foxes Can I Believe You
42 Jeremy Porter & The Tucos Put You On Hold
43 Faith Bardill Quiet
44 The Acid Drops [When] Woodshed
45 Gale Force Fire In The Hole
46 Thorazines with Hayley Crusher Spin Around
47 Petrified Max Thimble of the Sun
48 The Fish Mittens Dirty Harry
49 Fear Fresh Flesh
50 Emperor Penguin (feat. Lisa Mychols) Planet Of Love
51 The Heat Inc Down in the City
52 Kid Gulliver Beauty School Dropout
53 Dolph Chaney This Is Dolph Chaney
54 Serotones Better Than This
55 Blackout Transmission Once There
56 The Bablers Love Is Everything!
57 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
58 Boyce & Hart I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight
59 The Comebacks When You´re Gone
60 The Cheap Cassettes See Her In Action!
61 Velvet Starlings Karmic Lemonade
62 Benjamin Adair Murphy Let's Make a King
63 Mogwai Ritchie Sacramento
64 Chris Jones Band Always
65 HelstheArtist Don’t Touch My Hair
66 Mondo Trasho 12 :36
67 Plastic Tears Riot Zone
68 French Girls Crazy Yo!
69 The Rumble Skulls Gentle
70 David G Smith I Won't Remember You
71 Chicken Snake Don't Look At Me
72 Dead Pony "23, Never Me"
73 Papa John Bi Polar
74 Kill My Coquette The Metro
75 Dinosaur Jr. I Ran Away
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