Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: July 26, 2021

1 Lee Harrington & Lynda Mandolyn Real Love
2 Keeley The Glitter and The Glue
3 The Peppermint Kicks Roxetta Jones/Shag '72
4 Brand New Zeros This Love/Love You If You Let Me
5 The Candy Whips Days Like These
6 Slamdinistas Brand New Day
7 Dean Landew Cathi D'Silva
8 Velvet Starlings Technicolour Shakedown
9 Marvin Etzioni Summer In a Bottle
10 Bad Mary We Got the Beat
11 Two Hearts I Want To Be My Baby
12 French Girls No Morals
13 Southern Culture on the Skids Sugar Town
14 Kill My Coquette L.A.’s Gonna Tear You Apart
15 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
16 Dani B featuring Karl Katende My Prayer
17 Andrea Gillis Leave The Light On
18 Kurt Baker Anytime At All
19 Every Damn Day Everybody´s Crazy
20 Ditsea Yella You Know its True
21 Single by Sunday Hey Boy
22 The Glad Machine Baby It's You
23 Quest for Tuna She Can't Surf but She Sure Can Bowl
24 Watts Shocking Pink
25 Sorrows Love Too Late
26 Robert Abernathy Water to Whiskey
27 Hollie Cook Superstar
28 Shamisenists shibuya scramble terminator
29 Killtoys Come Alive
30 TramstonValley Sons of Anarchy
31 Last Victorian Death Squad Just in Case I Never see you again
32 Noun In the Shade
33 The Joy Formidable Into The Blue
34 Street Creature Heart Shaped Stain
35 The Brand New Luddites The Internet Took My Baby
36 Wet Leg Chaise Lounge
37 The Other Immigrants High Crimes
38 The Creature Comfort And You Know It
39 Lucas Aaron Ghost
40 Toolman Mr. Amazon Prime
41 Memphis May Fire Blood and Water
42 Healthy Junkies Streets Of Olympia
43 Jody & The Jerms Spinning
44 Brandon Walsh Dandelion
45 Euphoria Station Content
46 Nightblade Wake Up
47 The Anderson Council Girl Don’t Tell Me
48 Snatch_realmusic, Zeus_King What's In Your Heart
49 The Foreign Films All The Love You Give
50 Bristol Stingrays Peach Boy Lover
51 Johnathan Pushkar Does What She Does
52 Tombstones in Their Eyes Hey
53 The Chelsea Curve A Better
54 Guy Paul Thibault I Don’t Want To Hurt
55 Amazin' Five A5 Jam
57 Raw Soul Express Turn This Place Out
58 The Wild Feathers Ain´t Lookin
59 Autogramm No Rules
60 The Jacklights Eat The Young
61 The Routes Mongolian Chop
62 Mitch & Millie Angel From Montgomery
63 Velvet Attack (She's a) Human Doll
64 Andy Bopp Camera
65 LHEON I Hate The Way That I Love You
66 The Shang Hi Los Stay
67 Blokeacola Surf the lonely tide
68 Nightspell Pegasus
69 Faith Bardill Bottles and Barstools
70 The Vampirettes Poison
71 Fourth Son South Hold On
72 The Damned Few Why
73 Sault London Gangs
74 The Slits Typical Girls
75 Jim Chesnut What Got in the Way?
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